We’ve booked a game. When do we need to be there?

You should arrive at least 10 minutes before the game starts. Please make sure that all the members of your team will arrive in time. We reserve the right to cancel the game, if the game is delayed due to the team being late. In that case the game willnot be refunded.

Can I cancel a game?

The game can be canceled with a full refund no later than 72 hours before the start of the game. Cancellations after that are not refunded.

We would like to come and play the game in the morning/during the day but can’t find any available slots on the calendar?

Please contact us directly and we will find a suitable time for you! You can send us a message with the form below, by email or on Facebook. We will reply to all the messages as soon as possible. In urgent cases, please call us.

Do the games have age limits?

There is no upper age limit and we challenge all seniors to come and play! Maniac has recommended age limit of 18. Some of our games are quite challenging so we recommend for you to contact us if the players are below 12. Our Game Master can join thegame to help and advice younger players. We don’t recommend any of our games for children below the age of 10.

Do you have live actors?

No, we don’t have live actors in any of our escape rooms.

Are the games scary?

Our games are not scary apart from the Maniac room. You will be focusing to solve the tasks together with your own team in the rooms.

How should I dress?

You can dress as you wish! Playing doesn’t require any physical efforts but we do recommend wearing something comfortable. Dressing according to the theme of the room is a great way to boost the team morale! We might even give some surprise prizes towell-dressed teams!

How many players fit in one escape room?

We can take up to 6 players in one escape room, but for example in Tutankhamun’s Tomb we’d recommend 2-4 people and Maniac at least 3 people. Please see the information in our room descriptions. All our escape rooms can be book at the same time uponagreement, so we can accommodate up to 36 people at the same time.

Can we use our phones inside the rooms?

We recommend leaving your phones and other valuables to the lockers in our lobby. Because of the nature of the game phones are not allowed inside the rooms. Phones shouldn’t be used as light sources and the rooms can’t be photographed without a permission.You may not use any tools from outside of the room for solving the tasks.

Can we celebrate birthday/bachelor/ parties in your venue?

Our venue and games are excellent for different parties and we are more than happy to help you make the day unforgettable! Please keep in mind that the games are not recommended to be played under the influence of alcohol. We reserve the right to cancelthe game if the players are not in suitable condition to play. In that case the game will not be refunded.

We strive for excellent service!

We give our all to make sure that your game experience is as great as possible and therefore aim to constantly improve. Feedback is crucial to us and we appreciate both praises and constructive ideas. Help us to evolve, and other customers to findus, by writing a review of your experience. You can find us from Facebook and TripAdvisor.