The great mystery of Lapland’s Snow Castle has been forgotten over time. According to a legend, centuries ago a Council of ancient Scandinavian Knights was held in the Castle. Countless of Knights arrived, but no one was seen leaving the Castle.  There were rumors about a new enemy and people were so scared they began to bolt their doors shut. What exactly happened in the Castle? You’re standing in front of the snowy gates of the Castle. Do you dare to enter and solve the mystery?


According to the rumors there is a special handmade machine that gives an extraordinary taste to chocolate, making it the best chocolate ever made by mankind. The machine has been kept as a great secret for years. You and your team have decided to break into the restricted room in the biggest chocolate factory in Switzerland! Your mission is to find out how the secret machine works and escape with the information before you get caught!


The White Walkers have crossed the wall and are everywhere! The world has a new enemy and it seems invincible. The only hope lies in an old script from the Grand Meister. According to the script, the weapon against winter and the new enemy is hidden inside the wall! Representatives from all the major Houses have found a hidden room in Castle Black but nothing inside of it. Does the room conceal more than meets the eye?


London, 1888.  There has been a second murder on the streets of Whitechapel tonight. The Ripper has struck again, and the streets are empty. Everyone is scared – except for you! If the clues you’re holding are correct, Ripper’s story could end tonight. Or could it? It’s all up to you… Will you find him in time?


You have made it to the main hall. If you manage to open the door to the tomb, you will find out the secret of the great Pharaoh. Be very careful, the tomb is cursed! If you stay in the tomb longer than an hour, you will end up being trapped there forever… Is your curiosity strong enough to overcome your fears? Do you dare to enter?

This escape room is most suitable for 2 to 4 people, but can be also played with 6 people. Medium-challenging difficulty level.


You wake up in a dark room and the only thing you can hear is a creepy voice saying: “I want to play a game…” Serial killer Jigsaw has captured you and you instantly realize that it’s all up to you now. How far are you willing to go? The only way to survive is by playing his sick games. Clock is ticking…

This escape room is most suitable for 3 to 6 people. Challenging difficulty level. ATTENTION: Recommended age 16 and over!


GAME OVER Escape Rooms

Mäkelänkatu 54A, 00510 Helsinki
Tel. 020 1777 244 (mon-sat 11-18, sun 12-18)


(According to bookings)

Monday – Thursday


Friday – Sunday, public holidays

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